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SpriteForge VE1.5:R1.6

SpriteForge VE1.5:R1.6

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SpriteForge Publisher's Description

What is SpriteForge?

SpriteForge is essentialy a tool for creating large numbers of 2D sprites from 3D models. You can 'photoraph' your model's animation frames (or simply it's static profile) from several different camera angles in just a few easy steps. Primarily designed for creating game sprites, spriteForge is also great for making 3D website graphics (ie spinning 3D logos), taking photos of a 3D model for sale, avatars for chatrooms, testing a model's animation, spriteForge has a multitude of uses, think of it as an advanced photo studio for your 3D models!

With SpriteForge you can even create sequences of many models at once, then simply choose the orbit positions and elevation you require. This makes SpriteForge perfect for creating for example; 2D 45'orthographic characters for an RPG style game, animated in all 8 directions!

How is it helpful over my 3D program's Renderer?

Take a 'top down' RPG, where everything has to be at an orthographic 30' camera elevation and in all 8 rotations (N NE E SE S SW W NW).
One very common practise to use a 3d modeller's output to do this. However, this can take a lot time to set up using camera paths etc, or for more basic users the old: 'move camera, take pic, move camera, take pic....' aproach. Imagine all the organising and planning, especially if you have lots of models to process that all have to follow the same pattern. In addition, with a modellers output its hard to get the frame dimensions to sprite ratio right, with SpriteForge you get it exactly right. (and if you so desire in a nice table!).
Finally, you can save your custom settings (or studio environment) for repeated use.

How simple is it to use?

SpriteForge at its simplest is just a few steps: choose mesh(es), choose elevation, choose rotation orbit angles then render! However, everything is customizable including lighting, background color, mesh FX flags, blendmodes, shininess, alpha, texture filters, camera behaviour, animation frames, a second texture for adding lightmaps or other textureblended effects and much more.

How Compatible?

Spriteforge is very compatible. It can take input meshes from: 3D Studio (.3DS), Blitz3D (.B3D) , Quake (.MD2) or DirectX (.X)

Compatibility Chart
B3D (Blitz) PNG* 32bit with alpha channel X (DirectX) BMP* 24bit w/optional mask image 3DS (3DMax)   MD2 (Quake)   *Output can be as single frames or as a table (spriteset)

The output frames can be saved as either a set of pages (as a table or 'spriteset') or as single images. These can then be loaded easily into a game or your favorite animator. The files exported are saved in versitile and hugely supported and industry standard 32bit PNG with alpha channel or as 24bit BMP with a separate black-white mask file.

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